Learn How To Calculate Weighted GPA

What is weighted GPA?

Weighted GPA is calculated after adding extra points for honors or Advanced Placement courses. Basically this means that an A in these courses receives 5 points rather than 4 and a B receives 4 rather than 3, so the overall GPA can exceed 4.0.

Thing to remember – Many colleges will look just at English, Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Science grades to calculate weighted GPA. Grades for courses such as gym, wood working, cooking, music, health, theatre and other areas may not be considered as much for the admissions process.

how to calculate Weighted GPA?

This calculation take into account extra weight for Advanced (AP) / Honors by 0.50 points and college courses by 1.0 point. Here’s side by side weight comparison.

Weighted Average GPA

You pick each subject and weight and then consider the overall GPA as weighted GPA.

Weighted GPA